Hello there!

Breakfast around here has been tasty.

Sourdough with almond butter and Crofter’s Super fruit spread. Also an iced decaf coffee.

I sometimes have it plain or with a few drops of vanilla extract. Thanks to Change of Pace for the idea of adding agave too.

Yesterday we went to our new pediatrician office. It had a warm vibe, and the staff are friendly and knowledgeable. Basically, it was a 45 minute information session on the office and then you decide if you like it or not. When you go to the hospital, you just let them know who you chose and then they call them to come in after your baby is born.

Picked up some cute swag while I was there too.

Some baby samples that came with a reusable grocery bag and a travel makeup bag.

After that we couldn’t help but notice an ice cream shop right down the road. It was so hot out too!

I had a chocolate/coffee ice cream combo in a waffle cone and Mikey went for the Oreo flavor in a cup. It was sooo good.

Holy, was the sun ever out yesterday in full source. It was almost 6pm and look how warm it was in the apartment!

It seemed wrong to put the AC on in March so I just hibernated in our cooler room with the fan on.

Whipped up some iced coffee for easy access.

Then proceeded to have a tummy ache probably due to ice cream and iced coffee overload! 😦

Ended up having some comfort food and a quiet night with the hubby and Law&Order.

I did whip up some five minute cookies for dessert.

How easy is sugar, PB, and an egg when you NEED a cookie fast! In the words of Ina Garten…”What’s there not to like about that?”

That is all folks~hope everyone has a quick week and gets to enjoy the weekend!