Had the sweetest ruby red grapefruit today…

This grapefruit was so smooth and sweet that it could turn any hater into a lover. For real!

I have been enjoying turkey and havarti on fresh sourdough too…

I always think of my friend Jenny when I have this. Good times at Mcleans.

I finally invested in some sushi rice, seaweed, and wasabi. Now I just need some pickled ginger and sesame seeds.

Can’t wait to make some avocado rolls.

I also picked up some stuff for the pantry.

I do enjoy making my own curry with different spices, but I think Mikey will appreciate this when it is his turn to cook.

And now for some CUTE BABY BOOTIE PICS…

Talk about adorable stuff! Thanks to my family and friends, our child will be fully clothed!

Phew…still with me?



Crushed almond is my fave Pocky.

I did hit up a fantastic consignment shop today called Mommy N’ Me in San Jose. I unloaded all of my maternity clothes that I outgrew already. I found a little bouncy chair that vibrates that I think will be good for baby. Thanks for the tips Chelsea!

Also hit up Whole Foods for some goodies like arborio rice for risotto, salad ingredients, unscented body lotion in bulk, and spaghetti squash.

I saw a great movie last night. No Impact Man was playing for free at City Hall downtown. I really liked it!

So there was a bit of irony in the fact that Mikey dropped me off via the M3 and that we all watched it on a gigantic big screen.

This NYC family went without electricity, tv, elevators, cars, the subway, dining out, toilet paper and more for a year!!

In other news…

I repacked the hospital bag so we are officially ready to go anytime…tick,tick,tick.

I have to say that I am enjoying my last little while of just having quiet time, naps when I want etc.

With that being said, we are looking forward to meeting our baby. I’m still having very irregular braxton hicks contractions, so apparently the uterus is “getting ready” for the big performance. Happy, happy, joy, joy. Tomorrow we meet our pediatrician~ should be fun.

Take care out there!