Good mornin’! I slept for a glorious 12 hours last night. To those who know me this isn’t all that strange. I am embracing my sleep hours now, while I can 🙂

Since it is so late, I guess I had cereal for lunch? Who am I kidding, I will be having more foodie soon.

Sandwich thins with avocado, cucumber, tomato, and cream cheese.

This orange was grown in San Jose! How cool is that! So sweet and juicy too.

Rewind to yesterday.

It was so nice out by the pool. Warm enough to swim. Thanks to my friends Joey and Kirstin for this lovely preggo top! 🙂

Obligatory belly shots.

That baby is getting big!

We had a wonderful swim in the sun. Gotta invest in some sunscreen STAT!

Then it was off to the mall. Mikey had to do some business there. No he does not sell drugs. I puttered around while he did his thang.

Was in total sticker shock at the prices in the mall! I guess I don’t shop there very often, I spend all our money on food! 🙂 I went into a fancy schmancy maternity shop and tank tops were crazy expensive. The clothes were 100+ bones a piece. I was so glad to have bought the majority of my maternity clothes from Target. They only fit for a short while. Also, I’m going to consign them when I’m done with it all.

Had to pop over to Sephora to see what all the hubbub was about.

This was a fun store. A lot of colorful makeup and accessories to choose from. I liked the solid perfumes in grapefruit and papaya. This store was crawling.

All this shopping made me hungry.

Mint chip in a waffle cone was the perfect choice. Did you know Haagen-Dazs is a made up name?

Made my way over to meet Michael and it was time for dinner. That was an easy choice since we were right by Santana Row. Pizza Antica it was.

It is a very dark restaurant, but picture this. Thin crispy crust pizza, lightly topped with grilled pears, olive oil, chives, Mt. Tam triple cream cheese, sweet roasted garlic and prosciutto. Thank goodness I saved all that money on clothes! This is my favorite pizza…EVER! Sadly, it will be off the menu soon. I do like how the menu changes with the seasons though.

We also shared a Brussels sprout salad with bacon, boiled eggs, croutons, caramelized onions. Oh, and a huckleberry crisp for dessert. Happiness is a warm crisp.

Thanks to daylight savings we enjoyed a nice walk after dinner.

There are Tulips in my garden, there are Tulips in the park,
but nothing is more beautiful than our two lips meeting in the dark!