Howdy! What’s going’ on in your part of the world? Here in the coop we made some yummy curry in a hurry!

I made a curry dish twice last week, the first one was a little more photogenic because of some carrot and red pepper–this one was just as deelish but lacked color. It’s so true that we eat with our eyes first, isn’t it?

Had the chicken curry with some rice that I cooked up with chicken broth. Contemplated making coconut rice, but decided to use the broth instead. I used half water and half broth.

For the curry sauce:
coconut milk
brown sugar
soy sauce
worcestershire sauce
curry powder
coriander seed (crushed)
chicken broth
red pepper flakes
You could always just buy this simmer sauce if you do not want to make your own. It is a great one. It has fish sauce in it and all the wonderful lemongrass and curry flavors. Beware of the sodium content, it is a wee high.

I have also been enjoying whole wheat sandwich thins. I like how they are super thin, I’m more of a topping/filling kinda gal.

Can you say yummm to avocado cream cheese and cucumber 🙂

We decided to go for a neighbourhood stroll yesterday. It was sunny but a little windy, so I donned my hat, scarf, and gloves. Always be prepared!

I climbed some trees…

Window shopped…

Found 17cent/oz froyo!

We made a pitstop at the bucks for some rehydration.

Then we hit up the Ranch. This place rocks on Saturdays. The Ranch had shoulder to shoulder crowds and free samples of things like miso soup and green tea ice cream. Just bustling with energy, mixed seafood smells and fresh baked goods.

Enjoyed some taro/turnip cake. Reminded me of The Lotus Pond.

Hot! Don’t burn your mouth!

Then I was thinking about dessert. We picked up some cocktail buns, otherwise known as honey buns. Brought them home for later consumption.

Once home I was starting to have small Braxton Hick contractions. Ouch!

I had a cup of tea to calm the waters. Yes, it is sunny in my apartment!

We sat on the balcony and enjoyed the many sights…

We were happy to see our grapes are growing new leaves.

Had a relaxing bath to end the day and had a wonderful sleep, now if this horrible heartburn would just GO AWAY!! Will my baby be born with lots of hair? Or is that a myth! 🙂

Off to enjoy another sunny Sunday with the hubs. See ya later!