Well hello there! How you doin’? All is well over here in The Valley. Especially since I’m drinking this.

rice milk
frozen bananas
frozen peaches, pineapple, grapes

I had a question in my comments about what to use to sweeten smoothies. I have a few options for your perusal.

RIPE FRUIT–I freeze my banana pieces in a ziploc. I make sure they are super ripe when they go in. Also frozen bananas add a thickness to my smoothies that can’t be beat.

FRUIT– frozen pineapple and grapes naturally add sweetness. Today my smoothie was very sweet, always taste it before adding extra sugar.

HONEY–I use this when my husband is sharing the smoothie. He likes it a bit sweeter. Not to much though~1 tsp.

MAPLE SYRUP–My go to sweetener from things like smoothies to plain yogurt.

YOGURT–If you have a favorite flavored yogurt, add a TBSP of it to your smoothie. Just a dab will do ya.


STEVIA–some people love this. I do not!

FRUIT JUICE/FROZEN CONCENTRATE–If your smoothie is very tart and in need of a sweetener add a tiny bit of these, if you have them.

My overall favorite sweetener is ripe fruit, especially banana. Then you just have the sugar that is naturally occuring in the fruit.

Or you can drink it straight up. Our palates adjust to what we take in, I know that back in the day (when dirt was clean) my smoothies were a lot sweeter than now. I have “trained” myself to like the taste of just fruit blended on most days.


Anyhoo, I have been trying to get the apartment tidied up so when we have to go in to the hospital, it is looking good on our arrival back home. I love it when you come home from vacation and your place is clean and nothing in your fridge reeks! 🙂 I have been wishing the whole nesting instinct would kick in, but I just don’t think it is in my blood. Thanks Ma!


After. Okay, so I just did the dishes. Once the kitchen is clean the whole place looks better, no?

I tried a new cereal. I like it.

Goes well loaded up with frozen blueberries, and they keep the milk cold.

I have been enjoying mango too, feeling only slightly guilty for eating tropical fruit from far away places, but it is oh sooo good.

Very sweet and juicy. Would be perfect for the aforementioned smoothies.

I did cook up a new dish last night. Polenta with a white bean tomato sauce, parsley, and ricotta salata.

Fried up the polenta.

Made a big o’ pot of sauce.

Took my immersion blender to it.

This sauce contained lots of olive oil, butter, garlic, onions, celery, carrots, white beans, regular and fire roasted diced tomatoes, chicken stock, bay leaf, italian spices and love!

Polenta all dressed up.

A very fun and tasty dinner. A nice change from pasta. Next time I will bake the polenta, lightly brushed with oil, I went a little crazy on the oil frying them–oops!

I made lots of extra sauce so I could freeze some for Mikey when he is on operation cook dinner every night after the baby is born.

I froze it flat in baggies for optimal storage in my tiny freezer.

In other news, our stroller came in the mail yesterday.

We love it. It is so stylish and designed very well by my friends brother. I would not expect anything less from the Monahan Family. They are all a bunch of smartie pants. 🙂

A big thanks to UPPAbaby for getting it out to us so fast! Our stroller will fit right in here in The Silicon Valley. The land of designer strollers and kids who wear way to expensive clothes that they will outgrow in a week! 🙂

At first we were looking to buy a BOB stroller but when I remembered Chrissy’s brother made the UPPAbaby, the decision was made. Her brother is named Bob too, weird. You can even lock the front wheels and run with it. Oh, how I miss running! Already counting down the days until I get that 6 week okay to run again. Can’t wait!

I will leave you on this simple sweet note.
There ain’t nothin’ better than a PB/choco/banana combo is there?

If anyone was wondering, I have not had the baby yet. 🙂