Yesterday was a very productive day. I found a new dentist that I like-Yah! Went in for a check-up. No cavities Ma!
Well maybe, but they won’t do any x-rays etc. until after the baby breaks outta jail.

After the dentist, I was starving. I had to stop off for a sammy at Whole Foods and I gotta say words can’t describe it’s tastiness. If only I had remembered my camera! You can’t go wrong with a lettuce, tomato, cucumber, pickle, hot pepper, havarti, mayo and mustard special. It was monstrous and I ate it all.

I hit up the DMV to take my driving license permit test. I passed! Now I just have to do the road test.

My day also consisted of checking out some townhouses in San Jose that we thought were cute. A great location and right by a nice park. You never know what the future holds.
We have been enjoying apartment living the past year. It was a pleasant switch up from living in a house (read: yardwork) so town homes seem like a possible option.

The highlight of the day~was the pub!

Thanks to the iPhone there was no picture left behind.

Michael and I split a three piece fish and chip. The cod was succulent and cooked to perfection with a light batter. The tartar sauce was just as it should be-tart and creamy. Yum!

After dinner we wandered over to Ranch 99 to pick up a sweet treat. We went with FROZEN SNICKER ICE CREAM BARS! Yep, and they were good till the last bite! Baby likes chocolate. 🙂
We also picked up some clementines, and a whole lotta garlic. Oats are on sale for only $2.99 for a HUGE canister–I may be back, good thing it is 2 minutes from my front door.

Since it is hardly 7am, I just might find some ambition deep down and whip up these delectable looking little creatures.

I stocked up on fresh cranberries after Thanksgiving. I think I hear them calling me from the freezer now! Enjoy your Friday!