Today I am 9 months pregnant. Without further ado…

Ten week belly shot-major morning sickness here!

Can you see it growing?

Baby’s first photo.

Raised on Froyo!

Is it getting bigger? Week 11.

Me eating a saltine cracker. My staple food for the first three months.

Our first baby outfit. I had a horrible cold that week.

Really wanted to go bowling. It ended up being to uncomfortable to lift the heavy bowling ball. Michael played out my round.

A little under the weather here.

I think the baby is sucking it’s thumb here.

Starting to feel better here. I remember that salmon sandwich I made tasted really weird.

Belly is starting to visually change here. We slacked off/forgot to take more bare belly shots after this.

Me pretending to drink wine here. It was root beer. We wanted to wait until October to tell everyone.

Told the fam in person and over the phone. Everyone was ecstatic.

Looking at ultrasound pics.

Celebrating with water and wine.

Road Trip to Palm Springs. It was a looong drive.

Sorry guys, even after way to much turkey and pie those pot bellies don’t compare!

I could still zip up my fave lulu jacket!

Christmastime belly shot.

Hangin’ with friends.

Sunbathing by the pool.

Me at 8.5 months.

There you have it. We are due on April 2nd 2010. Any guesses if it is a boy or a girl?