Up bright and early this mornin’ to go down to the IRS and apply for an ITIN #. Taxes are almost ready to submit to the accountant. Thank Goodness that Michael’s employer takes care of them for the first year. Although, I think gathering all the information for the accountant is the tough part~especially for two countries!

Had a quick bowl of rice cooker oats with maple syrup, raisins and cinnamon.

After waiting in line for almost an hour at the IRS, I was tempted to grab a snack/drink downtown but decided to be a miserly mom (especially after calculating monthly grocery expenses) and have my emergency granola bar that I stash in my purse. Note to self~never be without food 🙂 Or camera. When hunger strikes it is so much easier and economical to eat a snack you packed.

I like these granola bars, they are crispy and crunchy. Anything with almonds and chocolate is a winner in my heart.

We stopped by Big 5 and Mikey picked up an exercise ball for himself for his desk at work. Finally he may just be ergonomically correct!

Last night we popped into WF and did the last grocery shop for February. For the month of February we shopped as we usually do so it would be an accurate portrayal of what our grocery expenditures are. Don’t ya just love peeking in the cart?

Picked up some fun goodies and vibrant vegetables for the week.

I love chocolate milk! I always have and always will! When we were little my Mom would cut it with regular milk, I still do this now. I thought it was lame back then but now I have learned the miserly ways. 🙂

Check out these cool frugal food trackers that Michael whipped up for me with some gentle encouragement…

I’m a pencil and paper kinda gal. I know, I know there is probably an “app for that!” I still love my moleskine calendar for keeping track of events over my iPhone–GASP–blasphemous! 🙂 They are simply the best notebooks ever. I am tempted to get the new recipe notebook but am currently happy with my new system of a mini accordion file for sleek storage.

Anyhoo, it was time for a snack and I was excited to try some new bread and jam. Yes, bread and jam excite me. Don’t judge me. Just embrace it.

Sadly, when I cracked open the bread it was super freezer burnt. Not sure if this is from my freezer or if I bought it like that…hmm…there was a loud mysterious POP this morning at around 6am and my ice machine is on the blitz. So, who is to blame? Not sure. Maybe I will bring it back and try to switch it up at the store for a new loaf. I could not even get the bread apart with a butter knife!

I hate bringing food back to the store. Especially fruit. If you get a rotten mango, it’s the chance you take isn’t it? Do you guys bring food back if it is shotty? What about fruit? I bring food back but not fruit. I guess it is like russian roulette.

Happily, I resorted to my fave bread.

This bread is ‘da bomb! Gluten and wheat filled. Perfect with almond butter and jam.

That fruit spread is worth all of the hype I have read about in the blogosphere! Try some today! 🙂

For lunch I had some tasty tuna salad. Love mixing tuna with LOTS of fresh lemon juice and a tad of mayo. SO good.

I think that the tuna in olive oil is way more flavorful and moist than the tuna packed in water. Maybe I will go back to my old ways post-baby when I’m trying to drop a few pounds? Maybe not. Some things are just not worth the sacrifice. It’s all about Intuitive Eating. Have you guys checked out that book yet? C’mon, run down to your library, you know you want to.

Back to my love for chocolate milk.

1/2 cup of milk
1/2 cup of chocolate milk
1 frozen banana

Blend and enjoy your Choco-banana shake.
Must get ice machine fixed.
Smoothies depend on it.

Stay tuned for a fun 9 Months and Counting post tomorrow. Trying to get all my baby belly pics together for my peeps. Some of my friends/fam back at home in Canada have been asking about my belly. Yes it is getting big! The baby is squirming, and hiccuping a lot. Sometimes there is a lot of banging on the walls in there. I think “it” wants out. Not before I clean the apartment!

Time for a nap!