Love starting the day off with insta vitamins…

I invested in a huge box of kiwis and have been enjoying them 3x a day!

Have you guys ever tried an Amy’s bean burrito. Not to shabby!

Topped with plain yogurt and salsa.

As soon as the sun peaked out the other day I ran for froyo.

Raspberry sorbet with vanilla. They sold me a kid’s size πŸ™‚

Been doing some gardening…

My oranges are ready! Last spring they looked like this…

I have been using a new chair to sit properly at the computer.

This exercise ball has been perfect for proper posture. Helps the core muscles too. The best part, it’s super duper comfy!

We have been loving the Costco pizza lately. A tasty dinner with a side of stir fried veggies.

Just used a dash of broth to fry these puppies up. Sprinkled with a bit of pepper too.

Can’t forget the mocktail.

La croix soda (or club soda)
pomegranate syrup
lime cordial

Last night we went to another baby session. We were able to practice labor positions and breathing patterns.
Also went for a baby check-up and had a quick ultrasound. The baby is in the ready position and looking good. Only 5 more weeks to go?
I better get that hospital bag packed! πŸ™‚