A smoothie is a great way to start off your day.


Hers. Topped mine with Coconut Almond Granola.

~frozen mango
~frozen peaches
~almond milk
~touch of honey

Mixed up some peanut butter that you crush yourself at the grocery store with some maple syrup.

This is just peanuts only, so it is a wee bit dry but very good. The maple syrup gave it a very nice flava.

I was bored so I tested out The Moby on Quatchi. He liked it.

Then the sun came out.

Tried a new soup.

It was way to sweet for my palate. I like homemade better.

Paired it with cheese and wasa to counter the sweet.

Decided to have a snack that I know I like…

A honey crisp apple dipped in almond butter~divine!

Hate to be a negative nellie but I also tried a new dressing.

I have only heard good things about it. I did not like it. The tahini flavor came out as to strong for me. I like simple vinaigrettes better. To each their own.

We have a couple more classes to attend for baby wisdom. One will be on labor & birth and the other one will be on baby care. I guess we will be bathing dolls? Hmm..might make for some funny pictures. Happy Days to ya!