The weekend flew by. It always does when we have company. We love touring around and checking new spots out. Yesterday, we had a pretty lazy morning. Michael made us waffles. I may have suggested it šŸ™‚ They were fluffy and perfect.

I had a cup of VIA instant decaf. I thought it was pretty tasty, especially for instant coffee. I only used half of the packet for my small mug. Went well with the waffles.

We hit the road and ended up North in SF. We made a stop in Noe Valley. Checked out an open house. It may have been a tad over our budget. It was still cool to see.

We walked down 24th Avenue in the warm sun. I found a baby sling that I have been looking for. They had all kinds of adorable baby stuff here. With the number of new moms cruising down the street, I’m guessing they do pretty good busine$$ there.

It was so nice and hot out. We stopped for a refreshment.

We enjoyed our walk and along the way saw…

Pretty flowers and…

Cheese shops.

We hopped back in the car and cruised down to China Town. Gung Hay Fat Choy!

It was the busiest I have ever seen it. Lots of positive energy!

Michael wanted to make use of the pre-dinner light so we went to Treasure Island for some great photography opportunities.

We ended our Valentines with a double date.

Turned out we were out and about a lot longer than planned. Someone was patiently waiting for his Valentine’s Dinner when we got home.

Sorry to keep you waiting Jazz!