Pondering my sweet tooth today, I went to the cupboard to see what it would yield. Behold~Nutella Hot Chocolate!
I brought back this nifty little jar of Nutella from our Paris trip this year. I swear it tastes better than the stuff you get here. Plus-it comes in a cute little glass that you can reuse year after year. I should have brought back more!

I lined up the unruly cast of characters.

Warmed up some milk on the stove. Whisked in the goodies until it was at my desired temperature~some like it hot!

I then took my handy dandy aerolatte to it. Foamed it up a bit to give it that “I look like I was made at Starbucks by some cute barista” kinda style. This little tool is great for lattes, cocoa, tea, and coffees. Anytime you need a lil’ foam in your life-fast. *

Mmmm..like a warm hug on a cool day…

~1 cup of milk
~1 tsp of Nutella a.k.a the best spread in the world
~1/2 tsp of vanilla
~1 tsp of unsweetened cocoa powder
~sugar added to taste~some like it sweet!

Just stir it all up in one big happy pot. Next time I will wait and add the sugar to my own cup. I put mine into the pot then had to add milk to my cup cuzz it was a bit to sweet. Better to wait till your cup is done. Enjoy!

* If you are desperate for foam and the only thing you have is say a french press…just put your mixture into the press and plunge it a few times.
Sometimes in life we have to make do with what we have. I still really wish I had brought back more Euro Nutella! 🙂