Tried my luck at some protein powder the other day. I added a wee bit of Amazing Grass Chocolate into my smoothie. It had a strong grassy flavor that I was not crazy about but I will try it again. I might try a neutral or vanilla flavor next time too.

I’m on to my Almond milk now. The Soy milk proved to be very good in my smoothies. We will see how this one compares.


1 Tbsp Amazing Grass Chocolate Powder
Couple glugs of soy milk
A glug of almond milk
1/4 cup of water
Frozen banana
1/3 cup frozen blueberries
A few frozen peach slices

In other news, my cousin Barb had a blast being a torch bearer in Powell River the other day. If you are interested in seeing it click here.

My Mom and a bunch of other friends and family got up really early to cheer her on.

My Mom holding the torch, you need a light Ma?

I guess you could say I’m glad for the cooler weather here. It means I can don these pretty babies…

Thanks again Ma and Pa! I will wear my mittens to represent. 🙂

What to do today…might just do my chores…haunting music plays in background…

Or I might just sit around, watch my stories and eat these cookies! Let’s keep it real here!

The In-Laws might come visit this weekend~yah! I better stock up on coffee and creamo!

I would like to shout out a big THANK-YOU to Sweet Mama Jane. I scored a sweet yogurtful prize the other day. See, blogs pay off!

Off to our second baby 101 class tonight. Should be fun.
Have a great day!