After being frugal and saying no to the vita mix that was calling my name yesterday, we decided to splurge on something that we have been thinking about for awhile. We popped into San Jose Camera and selected a tripod for our photo excursions.

Can’t wait to go on another journey with it, the steadiness it offers up is simply unbeatable. The staff in this local shop are knowledgeable and answered many of our photography questions too.

On to a more important subject…COOKIES!!

I try not to bake sweets all the time around here, cuzz you know what would happen. Once in a blue moon I pull out the mixer and get serious.
Alton Brown is A GOLDEN GOD!

They are worth every drop of butter, sugar and calorie in them!

I was so happy to discover them over here.

I did one substitute and used milk chocolate chips, because that is how I roll.

It was fun to use the mixer we received for a wedding gift in 2004.

It was even more fun taste testing the batter. Well, we don’t have kids around yet to lick the beater! Can ya blame me?

I’m happy to report it was not poisonous.

After they were all baked, I sat down with a cookie and a glass of milk with ice cubes. I took a bite.
If I died at that moment…
I would have gone happy.
Can you really ask for anything more?

Shortly thereafter I went to my bed, caffeinated, gluconated, and happy.

A big I’m not worthy arm fan to Beth for bringing this light into my world. 🙂

Anyone wanna come over for tea? 🙂