One of the fantastic perks of living in an apartment is having access to a pool!

It was a bit cool at first, but he adjusted.

Since there was no lifeguard on duty, my husband saved a bee from drowning.

After he rescued Mr. Bee from the water with a leaf, he gently place him down on the deck. The bee took about ten minutes to dry off and then buzzed away.

My husband the buddhist who eats meat.

After an exhausting time at the poolside, we scooted to pick up some essentials.

I had a bit of blender envy at Costco, but decided $400~ bones was a tad over the budget. I shall use my blender at home until it dies a peaceful death!

We did happily take home a pizza for ten bones. It was soooo good!

We also stocked up on necessities like..

Greek yogurt
Dried fruit
Peanut Butter
Frozen blueberries
Chicken broth
Maple syrup
Wild Salmon

I have to tell you about this amazing granola. I honestly don’t think I will ever buy bagged granola again. It was that good. Do yourself a favor and go bake some this week!

So crunchy, and the perfect amount of sweet.

Tonight I am in the process of making the best cookies ever! Stay tuned for more deets on that. Hope everyone survived Super Bowl Sunday sans heartburn. 🙂