Up and at ’em early this morning for a routine baby check up. All is well.

After that I found some ambition to go see Avatar. When I arrived at the theatre I saw the sign for IMAX. I was excited to see it in 3D and on the really big screen.

I loved the movie. I think I might even go again with Mikey.

Me excited for the movie. I need to get out more. 🙂

Before the movie I was a wee bit peckish, so I ducked into a little hole in the wall next to the theatre.

This place was a gem in the rough. Thank goodness I did not settle for the food court or overpriced treats from the movie concession.

I introduce to you~ THE VEGETARIAN FEAST!

A triple decker on freshly just baked multi-grain. Loaded with avocado, sprouts, cucumber, tomatoes, provolone, lettuce, mayo, mustard, and a pickle. Just what the doctor ordered.

I was sure to smuggle my outside drinks into the movie to save some quid…

Did I say I really liked the show…Have you seen it?

Mikey cooked us up some yummy hot dogs when we got home to counteract the vegetarian feast.

Time for a milk run!