Top o’ the morning to all of you peeps out there! Well, I guess it is getting closer to noon. 🙂

Breakfast of Champions=Tea and Toast

Had a great Baby 101 session last night. The baby comes out of WHERE!! Dye-eeee!!

Gotta sign up first…

Cutest little french onesie from our Paris trip.

Isn’t it adorable!

Patriotic onesie sent from my friend Andrea. Thanks so much!

On a side note…

I can’t believe it’s not chicken!

These nuggets were so good! If there are any vegetarians/vegans out there who miss meat at the slightest, you have to have these. When I was young I loved chicken nuggets, I guess there isn’t much chicken in those either.
These are just the strangest faux meat phenomena I have ever had. Has anyone else out there tried them?

In other exciting news, tomorrow my cousin Barb will be carrying the Olympic Torch! I wish I could be in my hometown to see her do it. I guess I will have to wait and watch the video. Family and friends will be up early before 6am, to cheer her on. Go Barb! Woohoo! Also, my cousins Max and Monica will be performing an original song in celebration too.

Go Team Behan!