Hello there! I have officially given up on the clock. I sleep when I’m tired and stay awake when I’m not. Novel, eh? I am fortunate to be able to keep this flexible schedule. With that being said, what time is it? Day is night and night is day. I’m nocturnal just like the baby is going to be!

The verdict is out. I like soy milk in smoothies and baking but not in hot tea.

Had a tasty snack of pineapple, yogurt, grape nuts, walnuts and chocolate chips…

Then used said pineapple juice to make a mocktail…

It contained water, ice, pineapple juice, and 100% cranberry juice. I love cranberry juice but that stuff is tart on it’s own!

Spent some time getting my affairs in order…

These shopping lists/weekly meal planning lists make me happy.

Created a little receipt folder.

Did some filing.

Utilized my new to do/budget books.

Then turned in to a one eyed, one horned, flyin’, purple people eater…

~1 cup o’ soy milk
~1 cup of water
~1/3 cup of frozen blueberries
1 frozen ripe banana ( really sweetened the monster perfectly)
~1 Tbsp of ground flax
~handful of spinach
~a whole lotta love

Turned out REALLY good. 🙂

Time to whip up some chick pea tacos. Hope everyone has a good night!