I was up at the crack of 4 AM today~DOH! I put some oats in the rice cooker and shook up a decaf iced coffee with milk. I was really hungry, my tummy was a growlin’.

After a few hours I crawled back under the covers for some more shuteye.
Then I had the last piece of home baked bread. I guess I will have to get the bread maker going again soon.

Snacked on some fruit and yogurt…

Spent the day reading and had a good chat with my mom and a friend on the tele. Had a colorful lunch…

The Wasa with hummus was the crunchy highlight.

Went outside to stretch the legs, and saw a bit of blue sky amid the grey.

Walked over to Ranch 99 (our neighborhood asian market) and perused the sales. I noticed they have a huge canister of oatmeal on for $2.99. Picked up some free reading material. I love reading The Metro and getting the inside scoop on all the great restaurants around here.

Came home to cook up the Portabello and Chicken dish that I learned yesterday at WF. I made some brown rice to go with it. Mikey liked it!

Meaty Beaty Big and Bouncy!