Had some yummy fruit with yogurt today. I have been mixing plain with a peach yogurt~a nice combo.

Topped off with a few walnuts…

I should have bought more strawberries at the market, they stole the show!

My fresh bread is still kickin’ around, best enjoyed with a cup o’ tea.

I have been rockin’ the sandwich thins too. Hummus and avocado is good…

Then we had our breastfeeding 101 class. It made me hungry.

Our usual twice monthly Costco shop was fruitful…

More spinach~Yah! Also picked up some feta, ketchup, hummus, cereal, blueberries, dried apricots, pasta, snap peas, chicken, greek yogurt, bean salad, mini baguettes, and T.P. Came home and had a nice hot bath and dinner made by Mikey. Chicken sammies on fresh buns. 🙂

We watched Conan’s last show on hulu for some Saturday night entertainment.
Time for beddie byes. Here is hoping for a nice long…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz