Dropped the hubs off at work and headed here.

Your books are on their way Tanya!

It is Friday today, so that meant for a mandatory stop at the market down the street.

My score.

I have been enjoying the meyer lemons. They are great in baking, cooking, and your ice water. I was overwhelmed with the delicious citrus samples. I love how you can try before you buy. The strawberries are so incredibly tasty too. When you bite into them, they are juicy, sweet, red and actually taste like a strawberry. They were from Watsonville. A big bunch of fresh herbs for a dollar…c’mon!

Last night was a big night in our household. I made bread. Okay, so it’s no big deal. I don’t think we used our bread machine the whole time we were in our house in Victoria. Funny how spare time will motivate you. 🙂

It turned out perfect!

I will be making more soon.

This one was inspired by a recipe sent from my Father-In-Law. I only had dried cranberries and raisins though. I also just used anise and lemon/orange zest.
I pulverized my anise. Very therapeutic.

Used my micro plane for ‘zee zest.

Mr. Atkins you can bite me!

I keep my butter in the fridge, so yes it spreads in big chunks. Mmmm…butter. Ahh~I’m channeling Homer!
Have a great weekend! TGIF! 🙂