It was an early morning again at our place. I awoke at 6am with a killer headache and thought some cereal and fruit would make it go away. It did go away after a few hours. Thankfully.
I then enjoyed a whole wheat english muffin toasted with almond butter and banana. This was washed down with a cup of Decaf Earl Grey Tea.

Then it was almost time to go to my Before Baby class. It was offered through Mikey’s work and was mostly just information regarding benefits and all that boring stuff. It was a full house, I think everyone came for the free baby blanket. I have never seen so many pregnant women in the same room. HOLY HORMONES!

Oh ya, for lunch I enjoyed some leftover veggies and rice.

Just water in that bottle~no vodka!

I wanted to pick up some fresh produce for dinner and while I was shopping I was persuaded to buy some very yummy items. The guy must have given me 10 samples, it was so good~I could not resist.

They made for some quick and tasty snacks.

Spinach naan with a garlic and mint cheese spread, topped with a sweet and spicy jalapeno sauce.

If your not full yet get ready for dinner.
Inspired by my favorite restaurant ever.
Bamboo steamed veggies with tofu and peanut sauce.

Marinated tofu.

Steamed kale, cauliflower, carrots, red and green peeps and tofu. All layered up in the bamboo steamer. Be sure to have some water in the wok. Put the steamer on the wok…

Presentation is everything. To get cute little rice cups, do this…
Oil a little dish and stuff it full of rice.
Pack the rice in snug.
Turn it upside down on your plate.

Don’t let your rice get lonely.

An interesting link on mindful eating~