I cooked up some Creamy Artichoke Soup last night. Inspired by Giada. I have never made a soup with artichokes before so it was a whole new taste sensation.

I had fun with my new toy from Santa.

I used a new chicken stock.

I usually use this brand.

I think after I use the whole box I will decide which one I like better. The Pacific brand is more expensive. The 365 brand sells for only $1.99. The other for closer to $4.00. Since I’m off the wine I will have to do a stock tasting, sounds like fun to me.

Anyhoo, so I cooked up my leeks, potato, and garlic.

Tossed in a can of artichoke hearts.

Cooked it up for about 20 minutes.

After the immersion blender got at it.

There you have it ~done like dinner! Topped with a wee bit more mascarpone and some dried basil and it was good to go. I could not get over how lemony it tasted. There was no lemon in it?! Michael said it was “wonderful” and had two bowls. If you like artichokes then you will love this soup. It was very tangy. I think next time I would use a bigger potato and more garlic.