The last couple of days have been quite productive. We have been clearing out our basement. When we moved to California we only took the essentials and now we decided to deal with the rest of the stuff. LESS is MORE. We did not miss all this stuff so we decided to donate and pass most of it on to friends and family. I can’t believe it was three UHAUL loads full.

Found some old boots of mine. Best Christmas present ever from Santa many moons ago.

Had some egg sandwiches and bean salad for lunch.

Fit in some bird watching in the backyard…

Saw a Downy Woodpecker

It has been rainy here but this weather makes for green grass..

We have a couple of days left here, we head back to Cali on Tuesday. Hopefully we can finish sorting all of our SCHTUFF tomorrow. This might be possible thanks to our Brother, Father, and Mother-In-Law. You guys rock!