Merry Christmas Eve folks! 🙂 Only one more sleep ’till the big boned man in the red suit comes down the chimney.

The family was hard at work today slaving over a hot stove.

We went out today for a bit of last minute Christmas shopping and to see the sights around town. When we got back the kitchen was in full use. Mama Bear cooked dinner. Papa Bear made fresh Panettone. Baby Bear whipped up a gourmet dessert. I was the official photographer/supervisor on duty.

Since it was Christmas Eve, I had some very important things to do.

After full inspection of the gifts, it was time to get down to some dinner. Papa Bear made a wonderful centre piece from plants found in the garden. It was a wonderful meal spent with wonderful people. It is a wonderful life!

After all of this wonderful food and drink, I will give you one guess at what I’m doing now.

‘Twas the night before Christmas…