Our journey back to the ‘ol Country was a smooth one. We arrived super early to SFO and had a bit of a wait until liftoff. Thanks to the iPhone we were entertained. Heaven forbid we have to make conversation with each other.

When we touched down in Victoria, B.C it was a bit chilly. We could see our breath!

We were hungry when we arrived at the house. We had a yummy spread of salami, cheese, and crackers. For dessert we had shortbread cookies and Nanaimo Bars. These Nanaimo Bars changed my life. Topped with a delicate layer of milk chocolate, they were anything but conventional. I think the secret was that the graham crackers in the crust layer were left chunky, not totally ground. The pecans in the crust gave it a wonderful crunch and flavor too. My Mother-In-Law is magical in the kitchen.

Some Christmas decoration shots.

Today I was the first one awake! I think I dreamt about those Nanaimo Bars last night. It was the first thing that came to my mind this morning. 🙂
The view from my In-Laws house was amazing. Just before the sun came up there was a beautiful sienna sky.

I will leave you guys with a picture of our Canadian cat Jersey. He stays in a well loved home here in Victoria.