Cooked up some cast iron pancakes yesterday morning. They turned out better than expected. I finally figured out how to make them to my liking. I used less baking powder this time. I always listen to a recipe and they turn out thick. I like a thinner pancake. This time I cooked intuitively.

I like to make smaller cakes too, they are easier to flip.

The cast iron pan rocks!

Had some decaf with them too.

Always keep a warmer pan in the oven…

Topped with some cooked apples and agave.

Served with maple syrup and yogurt too.

The Deets

3/4 WW flour
2/3 Cup o’ milk
1/4 Tsp Baking Powder
Pinch o’ salt
1 Egg

For the apples I just chopped ’em up and added a little bit of water and agave to the pot to aid in cooking. 🙂