My friend Anne and I headed off early yesterday to Angel Island for a hilly 12km trail run. We left at the crack of dawn to beat the traffic. It was an enjoyable cruise to Tiburon, where we had time to chill-axe at the local coffee shop and have a cup o’ tea (for me) and coffee for Anne (oh how I miss real coffee.) We chatted with some of the locals and kept warm and dry while we waited for the ferry.

We had a fantastic trip. Even though it was a soggy day! The race was well organized. The ferry was a quick and smooth ride over to the island. The highlight was the peanut butter pretzels afterwards:) Anne finished strong and soaked in sub 1:30. Her lips had a lovely blue tinge as she crossed the finish line–reminded me of my oldest brother–that is what happens to him too.

We then went to a little cafe for some crab cakes, salad, and tuna sandwiches. Food is good. We hit the road and were back in town by 3:30pm. A great day was had by all.
To top it all off I came home to a tidy flat, way to go Mikey!