Up bright and early this morning to drop off Carolyn at the airport. Michael volunteered to drive which was nice because he never gets lost! Even when I tell him to 🙂 Had a relaxing day bonding with Jazz the Cat. So far he is a good companion. Even though when we were out he attacked the whole wheat sourdough bread and had a few nibbles.
For dinner I’m making stone soup. The best recipe to whip up on a chilly night. Chilly for CA standards. About 7 degrees C. 🙂

Sweat some onions and garlic in a wee bit of olive oil
Add carrots, celery, and beans or anything else in your fridge.
Chicken stock
Pasta (I used ditalini, because it is so darn cute)
bay leaf
parmesan cheese nub for flava’ flava’
salt and pepper
a fresh squeeze of a Palm Springs lemon, fresh from the tree ( I know you all have that hangin’ around.)

Enjoy with a side of cheese toast…..mmmm..perfection!